Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Acts 5:7-8

Summary retelling of Acts 5:7-8:

Sapphira comes before Peter.  Peter gives Sapphira a chance to be honest.  Peter asks Sapphira if the amount of money that Ananias reported selling the land for was actually correct.  Sapphira agrees and shows her part in the lie.

Thoughts for Today:
First Thought:
We have seen Ananias’ character, and today we get to see Sapphira’s character.  This really saddens me to think that even so early in the Christian Church we can find treachery and deceit.  Human beings are human beings, and while none of us are perfect it is a shame that people feel the need to be dishonest even in the presence of God.

How much deceit do you see in religious people around you?  Why do you think people who claim to be spiritual have a difficult time with deeds that seem to be so easy to not screw up?

Second Thought:
I am also saddened today by the relationship between Sapphira and Ananias.  Here is a married couple who took a great blessing from God and allowed the world to twist it into something utterly unrecognizable.  A married couple should have each other’s backs.  A married couple should be able to point out to one another when they are in danger of going down the track of sin.  But that simply doesn’t happen here.  Here the married couple agrees to lie for one another.  They encourage one another in their deceit.  A great blessing from God turns into a strong pull towards evil.

How important is it to take time to judge the true character of a potential spouse before marrying them?  How much do you think a typical person getting married stops and analyzes the character of a person they are marrying?

Third Thought:
Peter gives Sapphira a chance before judgment is reigned down upon her.  Of course, Sapphira fails.  But she had every opportunity to make herself right before God and she opted to choose the lie instead of righteousness.

How seriously do you take the opportunity to confess your sins before God?  Do you ever look upon confession as just “something to get through so you can move on with your life? 

Passage for Tomorrow: Acts 5:9-11
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