Friday, February 24, 2012

Acts 7:30-34

Summary retelling of Acts 7: 30-34:

Stephen continues by reminding us about the burning bush incident.  We are told that Moses was afraid to hear the voice of God speaking from out of the burning bush (and I can’t say that I blame him on that account).  God tells Moses that the place he is standing is holy ground (which makes sense, I bet God tends to have that effect just about everywhere He goes).  God tells Moses that He is now ready to turn Moses into the leader that God wants Moses to become.

Thoughts for Today:
First Thought:
My first thought is likely going to be a continual “first thought” that is applicable for every day until we finish Acts 7:50.  So I’m going to keep it as a running commentary until we get to verse 50.

Stephen continues to demonstrate mastery over his religious heritage. 
  • Day one we see that Stephen was familiar enough with Abraham. 
  • Day two we see that Stephen is familiar enough with Joseph.
  • Day three we see Stephen is familiar with Moses’ birth and the persecution of the Hebrew people in Egypt.
  • Day four we hear how Moses interacts with his people and the initial failure he has.
  • Day five we hear the burning bush incident retold and God’s calling for Moses.

Why is it important to realize how important it is that Stephen knows his religious history?  What does knowing the religious history allow Stephen to accomplish?  Do you know the religious history of the Old and New Testaments?  If yes, how can/do you use it?  If no, how can you learn it?

Second Thought:
This whole burning bush incident is pretty mind-blowing.  It is not every day that people hear a voice of God.  It is not every day that we hear people talking about having audible dialogue with God.  Let’s face it; I have dialogue with God all the time through my thoughts and emotions.  But I very rarely get to experience that earth-shattering-voice-out-of-the-heavens kind of dialogue with God.  It is neat to see the many ways that God can use to get our attention.

How has God gotten your attention in the past?  What seems to be the method that is most effective and what are the methods that should work but you just don’t seem to respond?

Third Thought:
Yesterday we talked about Moses wanting to save his people but that he was doing it according to his own agenda.  Today we begin to see it happening according to God’s agenda.  Notice that God’s plan begins with Moses’ humbleness.  Moses has to be willing to do it God’s way.  Until Moses is willing to be humble and comply with God’s methods, Moses isn’t ready to embrace what God wants to happen.

Are you humble with respect to God’s ways?  Do you demonstrate daily that you want to be God’s servant rather than you wanting God to serve your ways?  If so, how?

Passage for Tomorrow: Acts 7:35-38
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