Sunday, December 4, 2016

Revelation 19:1-2

Revelation 19:1-2
After this I heard many as a great crowd in heaven while saying, “Alleluia!  Salvation, glory, and power is of our God.  Since his judgments are true and righteous, he judged the great prostitute who was corrupting the earth in her fornication and he avenged the blood of his slaves from out of her hands.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

In Revelation 19 we have a series of Alleluias.  Know that the word Alleluia literally means “Praise God.”  This praise happens after Babylon is judged.  John’s message to us should be clear.  Judgment is a cause to give praise to God.  The natural result of judgment is God being given glory.  This can feel a bit out of place, because we tend to fear judgment.  This is John’s point.  If we are in God, we will be judged.  But we should not fear it, because God’s judgment ultimately leads to Him being glorified, not use cowering in fear of Him.

Do you fear God?  How do you explain “fear of the Lord” to others?  How can you learn to let the places of your fear of God lead to praise?

Second Thought:

God is given praise because of several things. 

  1. First of all, salvation comes from Him.  He alone can save us from judgment.  That is a reason to give Him praise.
  2. Second, glory comes from Him.  When something good happens, it comes from God’s hand.  When I do something good and praiseworthy, the strength to do it in the first place come from Him.  Anytime something positive of note happens, it is rooted in God.
  3. Third, power comes from Him.  He gives us the ability to act.  He gives us the ability to overcome our sinful nature.  When we cannot, He gives us the ability to repent of it and know it is wrong.  It is God who is the source of all power.  That is why He deserves praise.

Where do you live out God’s salvation for others to see?  Where are you glorifying God in your life?  Where has God’s power come upon you to live?

Third Thought:

We also hear that God’s judgments are righteous and true.  He is the only one capable of giving righteous and true judgments.  He is the only one who has true and complete perspective over the world to be able to give a righteous judgment!  He is the only one who is capable of judging with a purity of mind and without an inherent prejudice!  He is the only one with true wisdom.  Each of these characteristics play an important role in saying that God is righteous and true in His judgments.

Where are the prejudices in your life that cloud your judgment?  Where do you lack wisdom in order to make sound judgments?  Where is your perspective limited and not allowing you to make sound judgments?

Passage for Tomorrow: Revelation 19:3-10

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