Thursday, July 28, 2016

Luke 17:25-30

Luke 17:25-30
But it is first necessary for Him to suffer much and to be rejection by this generation.  And just as it became in the days of Noah, in this manner it will also be in the day of the Son of Man.  They were eating, drinking, marrying, and being given in marriage until that day when Noah entered into the ark.  And the flood came and it destroyed all.  Similarly, just as it became in the days of Lot – they were eating, drinking, buying, selling, planting, and building – but on the day when Lot went out from Sodom, it rained fire and brimstone and it destroyed all.  According to this same thing, it will be in the day the Son of Man is being revealed.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

When asked about the coming of the kingdom of heaven, notice that Jesus can’t help but introduce the idea of the suffering of the Son of Man.  There is a really simple reason.  The coming of the Son of Man is rooting in the suffering of the Son of Man.  Jesus suffers so that we can be in relationship with the Father.  If the Son of Man came without suffering, it would be a lonely coming because we would still reside in judgment and not forgiveness!  The Son of Man must suffer first so that we can see His coming as a good thing in the context of relationship with the Father.

How do you feel whenever you are forced to face the suffering of Jesus?  Why is it important to have both sides of the spectrum: guilt/sorrow contrasted with relief/joy?

Second Thought:

Jesus compares His day to the time of Noah.  Notice His main point.  The people were clueless.  They were wrapped up in their own lives and not paying attention to what God was doing around them.  The same was largely true of Jesus’ day.  Most people did not take notice of Him when He was alive.  People are more interested in food, drink, and even starting their family than Jesus!  I can’t help but wonder if there has ever been a time in human history where this isn’t true.  Of course, we should also remember that they all perished when the flood came.  Not prioritizing God at the top of our life does have consequences.

What is your priority in life?  Where does God fit into your life?  How do you live it out?

Third Thought:

We also have the example of Sodom.  Interestingly enough, what is it that Jesus says about Sodom?  We see that they are interested in eating and drinking as well.  It’s hard to imagine life when eating and drinking aren’t a large part of life.  However, do you notice the economic part of what Jesus was saying?  They are interested in acquiring possessions and selling things to make money more than they are interested in God.  They are also interested in growing the human culture: planting and building.  They are interesting in exerting their human dominance over the world around them.  They want their city to sprawl more than they want to spread the ways of God.  Again, remember that Sodom was also destroyed.  Again, there are consequences.

Do you see any correlation between the things that Jesus lifts up about Sodom and the human world around you?  How do you make sure that you are focused on God?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 17:31-35
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