Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2 Peter 1:5-8

2 Peter 1:5-8
And in this same way, while making every effort, add outstanding virtue in your faith, and knowledge in outstanding virtue, and self-control in knowledge, and endurance in self-control, and godliness in endurance, and brotherly love in godliness, and unconditional love in brotherly love.  For while these exist and abound in you, they bring about neither uselessness nor unproductivity into the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

The ultimate expression of who we are is faith.  If you read Peter’s list, he writes these words so that faith is the pinnacle.  But what supports faith?  Virtue supports faith.  Knowledge supports virtue.  Self-control supports knowledge.  Endurance supports self-control.  Godliness enables us to endure.  And what is it that supports godliness?  Love.  Love is the beginning, faith is the outward effect that the world can see.

How do people see your faith?  Does it make sense to think of each of these things as supporting the idea of faith?

Second Thought:

We should pay special attention to the inner two core ideas that supports Peter’s development.  Peter uses both brotherly love – philadelphia - and unconditional love – agape.    Of course, agape is at the core.  We as followers of God should have unconditional love in our core being.  We should have the capacity to love in all circumstances because that is how God relates to us.  How does this ability to love unconditionally show itself in our life?  Unconditional love demonstrates itself in a genuine love for our fellow brothers and sisters.  When we love unconditionally, we should naturally care for the human beings around us.  We should care about their well-being.  At the heart of Peter’s development is the idea of love in all of its divine forms.

Is love at the core of your being?  Do you think love is at the core of God’s being?  How do you know your answer?

Third Thought:

Why are these things important in our life?  Peter tells us that so long as we have these things in our life we are neither useless nor unproductive.  Granted, Peter doesn’t tell us how much we will go forward in usefulness or productivity.  But the point is that if we have these things within us we will be going forward in our faith.  We will be walking forward in your relationship with God through His Son.

Where are your growing edges in the faith?  Where is your relationship with God drawing you closer and closer to Him?

Passage for Tomorrow: 2 Peter 1:9-11
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