Saturday, January 23, 2016

1 Peter 5:12-14

1 Peter 5:12-14
To you all, through Silvanus, the faithful brother as I regard him, through a few words I write while encouraging and while witnessing this to be the true grace of God – into which you stand firm.  The chosen one in Babylon and also Mark, my son, greets you all.  Greet one another with a holy kiss.  Peace to you all: the ones in Christ.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

While we don’t necessarily know that this man that Peter calls Silvanus is the same man that journeyed faithfully besides Paul, it is church tradition that this was indeed the same man.  If we think about this possibility, it really speaks to the character of Silvanus (Silas).  Here is a man who Peter considered a faithful man.  Here is a man that Paul considered a faithful man.  Yet he doesn’t have a book in the Bible written by him.  I’m willing to bet a number of Christians don’t even know his name.  He was content always being the second fiddle.  What a great model of humble service to God.  Silvanus was always willing to do what God desired regardless of whether he got the glory or not.

In what way is Silvanus a great example of the characteristics of leadership that Peter has been talking about the whole second half of this letter?

Second Thought:

Here at the end Peter tells us one of his major reasons for writing.  He wants to be a witness to the grace of God.  He wants to make sure that people everywhere can understand what the true grace of God is.  He wants to make sure that people know the restorative power of God.  Peter is focused on getting the message of God out to the world.  In this, he truly is an apostle of Christ: one who is sent with a message from God.

Are you impressed with Peter’s focus?  In what way can this be inspirational?  In what way are you able to focus on proclaiming the restorative power of God?

Third Thought:

What is the point upon which Peter ends?  Peace.  Peter extends God’s peace.  What does God’s peace do within us?  God’s peace allows us to have peace with one another.  God’s peace allows us to be community.  God’s peace allows us to long for the best in others and not live in jealousy.  What a great place to end.

Where do you feel God’s peace in your life?  Where does God’s peace overflow into the rest of your life and your relationships with others?

Passage for Tomorrow: 2 Peter 1:1-2
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