Monday, November 9, 2015

1 Thessalonians 4:9-12

1 Thessalonians 4:9-12
And regarding brotherly love, you all do not have a need for me to write.  For you yourselves are taught by God in order to love each other.  For you all do this same thing into all the brothers and sisters in all of Macedonia.  But we encourage you all, brothers and sisters, to abound even more and to aspire to live in a mild manner and to perform your own tasks and to work with your own hands just as we commanded you all in order that you all should behave decently towards those outside and you all should have a need of nothing.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

How do we know sanctification when we see it?  Paul tells us here in this passage.  We can see sanctification when we see people who have a genuine love for the people around them.  After all, isn’t that what God does?  God genuinely loves us even though we do not deserve it.  Sanctification is become more like him and less like our sinful nature.  Therefore, if we are becoming more like Him then we should have more genuine love for the people around us.

How do you rate in regards to brotherly love?  Is your love for the people around you evident in your life?  How does your love abound?

Second Thought:

Paul then encourages the Thessalonians to live in a mild manner.  This is a very interesting point.  What does it mean to live in a mild manner?  I believe that it means that we do not live in a manner that draws too much attention and focus upon ourselves.  I believe it means that we live in a manner that doesn’t force the people around us to manage our behavior.  I believe that it means that we live a life that leaves as little negative impact upon the people around us as possible.

Are you mild?  Who are the people in your life that represent living in a mild manner?  What other characteristics would you add to what it means to live in a mild manner?

Third Thought:

Then Paul tells the Thessalonians to do their own work.  They aren’t to work other people for their own benefit.  They aren’t to be lazy and reap fruit that they didn’t actually deserve.  They are to work for what they need and live accordingly.  Paul is asserting a good work ethic for the sake of community.  We all know those people who take things for which they did not work and do not deserve.  We should not be those people as it casts a shadow upon our witness for godly life.

Do you reap where you don’t work?  What is your work ethic like?  Where are the areas in your life that you work hard?  What are the areas where you tend to take off and not work as hard?

Passage for Tomorrow: 1 Thessalonians 4:13-15
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