Thursday, June 19, 2014

John 21:4-6

John 21:4-6
And after already becoming early in the morning, Jesus stood into the beach.  However, the disciples had not known that it is Jesus.  Therefore Jesus says to them, “Children, do you all not have any fish?”  They answered to Him, “No.”  And He said to them, “Throw the net into the right side of the boat.  And you will find.”  Therefore they threw it, and they were no longer able to haul it in from the large number of fish.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

The disciples don’t know that it is Jesus.  Now, at some point we have to make sure we really understand what is going on here.  When Jesus appeared to them in the upper room they had an excuse.  It’s not every day people come back from the dead.  But they’ve already seen Jesus!  They’ve already experienced God’s greatest miracle!  And they still don’t recognize Jesus.  Here’s the point, and it’s really worth learning.  Just because you have some incredible spiritual mountaintop moment doesn’t mean you will always get what God is doing.  You won’t always recognize Jesus.  Even after God does the most amazing things in your life, you’ll still occasionally miss what God is doing in your life.

Are you bothered or reassured by seeing these disciples not recognize Jesus on the beach?  When have you failed to see Jesus at work even though you certainly have had spiritual moments in your past?  How do you get past that and carry on with God’s calling?

Second Thought:

Notice the disciples’ reply to Jesus’ initial question? “No.”  They only muster a single word in response.  They didn’t have any fish.  They’d been at it all night and nothing.  Remember that as many as seven of the twelve disciples were fishermen.  These were men skilled at what they were supposed to be doing.  I can only imagine they would be a little embarrassed at their lack of success.  But there is a deeper spiritual point.  Jesus had taught His disciples that without Him they can do nothing.  Here they are, going back to their career prior to following Jesus.  They are reverting back to their life before Christ.  And they are failing miserably at it.  I think they don’t recognize Jesus because their minds are not in the spiritual place that they should be.

Have you missed opportunities because your mind wasn’t where it should be?  When does that happen?  Why does that happen?  How do you keep your mind on Christ?

Third Thought:

Here we see the great catch of fish.  The disciples listen to Jesus, and it pays off for them!  The catch is incredible – so much that they cannot pull the net into the boat.  Again the lesson is simple.  With Jesus, all things are possible.  Even when we revert back to our prior life before being discipled by Jesus, we are still more successful at it through Christ!  It is Jesus who makes the difference in life.

What difference does Jesus make for you in your life?  How can that be seen?

Passage for Tomorrow: John 21:7-14
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