Friday, February 26, 2016

Luke 2:17-20

Luke 2:17-20
And after seeing, they made known the saying that was being spoken to them regarding this child.  And all the ones who heard marveled regarding that which was being said to them by the shepherds.  But Mary kept all these things in her heart while thinking about them deeply in her heart.  And the shepherds returned while giving glory and while praising God upon everything that they heard and saw – just as it was being told to them.

Thoughts for Today

First Thought:

A few years ago I was studying this passage with some friends and I became aware of something that I never realized.  These shepherds are the first human evangelists!  After they see with their own eyes, they are filled with the boldness to make known what they had been told.  Here we gather a great truth.  We encounter Christ not just for ourselves.  We encounter Christ so that we can tell others about Him.

Are you an evangelist?  Do you desire to tell others about Christ?  Do you desire to tell other people what God is doing in your life?

Second Thought:

After the shepherds have their moment of evangelism, they return home.  Look at how they go about this process?  They give praise to God.  The give glory to God.  The experience causes God to get glory.  Once more we see that God is the center of the story.  He is glorified and praised.  Why is He glorified and praised?  He is reliable.  The shepherds found everything just as it was told to them.  We can trust God to live up to His Word.  We can trust His promise to save.

Do you trust God?  Do you worship Him?  Do you give glory to Him?  Where has He been reliable in your life?

Third Thought:

How does Mary respond?  Of course, she responds like a mother would.  Mary treasures everything in her heart.  Mary keeps the memories.  Mary appreciates the moment for the moment.  In fact, she takes them deep into her heart.  Here is a young girl who has never gone through this before.  She remembers the moment vividly because she stores the memory deep within her.  It becomes a part of her identity.

Do you ponder Christ in your innermost depths?  Do you store your memories of Christ deep within you so that you can hold onto their memory?

Passage for Tomorrow: Luke 2:21-24
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